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Treatments for teenagers

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Its no surprise that with the constant fluctuations in hormone levels, many teenagers tend to suffer with problem skin. Pulse Dermatology and Laser have a number of ways for teenagers to combat the dreaded breakout.

LED Light Therapy, started for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers and skin burns. This treatment is the ultimate healer, it combats bacteria in the pores and has strong anti-inflammatory properties.  Infalmation is the first thing to address with teenage acne. This treatment is completely pain free and safe and it heals breakouts, making the skin stronger so that the skin can fight off future breakouts.

LED Blue light therapy-anti bacterial: R500

LED Red light therapy-anti inflamatory and repairs and heals the skin: R500

Organic microdermabrasion, this treatment is used for pores and blackheads. It refines the skin to make it smoother and softer, removing the plugs in the pores that lead to blockages and comedones (pimples): R450

Glyco Mini skin peel-450- glycolic

Derived from Sugar Cane, a glycolic treatment is fantastic for exfoliating the skin, softening breakouts and purging them out. The glyco mini peel is immediately followed by medical extractions to clean the skin without causing scarring.

Glyco repair-1094 is an at home treatment that repairs the skin and aids cell renewal. This is really a star treatment that any patient who suffers from breakouts should be using.

Regenerance active is for oily skins that are prone to breakouts: R672

The USP-Unspecified Skin procedure: MED FACIAL

This is a combination therapy and is the crème de la crème of acne treatments.

A mini skin peel, organic micro dermabrasion, medical extractions followed by LED Blue lIght and LED Red Light simultaneously.

Price R950

@ home tips

Never use sponges:

Sponges breed bacteria and the last thing you need when you are cleaning your skin is spreading bacteria without even knowing it. I advise washing with clean hands and rinsing a few times to make sure the skin is really clean

Use cold water to wash:

Not only will this make skin feel instantly fresher but it will also combat inflamed pustules by cooling and calming the skin

Change make up sponges regularly:

Makeup sponges breed bacteria and should be changed as often as possibe or washed in Miltin to make sure that they are sterile for each use.

Dry face with paper towel.

Never use an old towel to dry your face as they are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Use a paper towel instead and pat your skin dry.

Change pillow case,

We spend on average 8 hours a night with our faces on our pillow case, make sure you turn it and if you suffer from breakouts you must change the pillow case every 2nd day.

Lay off fatty foods ie cheese.

You are what you eat, so the last thing needed when the skin has a hormonal imbalance is added Saturated fats.

Get enough sleep

Studies have shown that the skin heals itself when we sleep (between 2-6am) So beauty sleep is a real thing, make sure you get your 8 hours.

Drink plenty water

This will aid in flushing out toxins.

Wear a mineral make up

This will allow you to be able to cover any spots while still allowing your skin to breathe. I advise Dermaquest Dermaminerals.

Try to avoid using titanium dioxide in make up and sun protectors

Titanium Dioxide is known to block pores and aggrivate breakouts. Unfortunately it is in most foundations and Sun protectors so keep on looking at those ingredient lists and avoid it.

Cleanse skin morning and night

Do not pick!

It is essential that patients do not pick the skin at home as this will cause scarring.

Take Zinc Gluconate

My Favorite of all supplements!

Zinc Gluconate is fantastic for cell repair and DNA synthesis. The added bonus – its also fantastic for the imune system

All Comments by Amy Bowie – Pulse Dermatology and Laser

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