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Sorbet Man launches product range for bearded fans

by / Comments Off on Sorbet Man launches product range for bearded fans / June 15, 2017

If you ask Barber Charles at Sorbet MAN Mall of Africa what the two best products are for a roarsome, awesome beard, he’ll tell you: pre shave oil and beard oil.

And then, he’ll crack a pearly smile and whip ‘em products out faster than Billy the Kid’s six-shooter holster shot.

That’s because Barber Charles is a swagger-happy, passionate man – and is fully amped about Sorbet MAN’s new line up of beard care products. Introducing the wolfpack of packs, now boasting on every Sorbet MAN shelf: the Sorbet MAN ultra-calming and Sorbet MAN ultra-soothing beard care and skincare collection – so that the student can one day become the master – in his own bathroom.

Hailing from the success of its predecessor line, the Sorbet MAN Bath & Body range, it’s no wonder South Africa’s leading go-to grooming bar is hyped about launching an exclusive range, aimed at beard care and shaving. The Sorbet MAN beard care collection includes beard oil, for the closet lumberjack, who has no axe to grind with a razor, a pre shave oil, post shave balm and shaving cream.

The Sorbet MAN Beard Oil contains a blend of natural moisturising oils such as almond, avocado and macadamia (admit, you dig the sound of that!) – to condition and soften scraggly hair – and Vitamin E to soothe the skin beneath. No more of those awkward mid-conversation beard scratching moments, we promise.

For the man who prefers a more urban look, the Sorbet MAN Pre Shave Oil and Shaving Cream helps prep the skin for a smooth shave. Formulated with ingredients such as olive oil and aloe vera (ah, see how we did that!) to soften the hair and lubricate the skin and reduce the risk of nicks and skin irritation. We know, shaving bumps are just not cool, dude.

What we also know, is that grooming has rapidly become a non-negotiable, in a man’s life ­– whether it’s done professionally or at home. With this in mind, Sorbet MAN’s extended grooming range has been unapologetically developed for the shaven man, the bearded man and pretty much, any kind of man – to get that fresh from the barber feeling.

The extended Sorbet MAN grooming collection, along with the existing skincare and body range is now available at all Sorbet MAN grooming bars, as well as Clicks stores, countrywide.

Need more info, visit www.sorbetman.co.za or ask your Barber, he’ll know – or (another, more gallant option) go the whole hog and book a signature Sorbet Man treatment pronto (yaaas please!), for that ultimate grooming experience.

Pricing as follows:

Sorbet MAN Beard Oil, R159.00

Sorbet MAN Pre-Shave Oil, R159.00

Sorbet MAN Shaving Cream, R149.00