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Launch of the TANAZ APP

by / No Comments / May 23, 2014

Tanaz Hair, Body and Nails is at the forefront of the technology curve in the hairdressing arena, having launched the Tanaz app, a first in the SA hairdressing industry.

Always looking for ways to improve their offering and inspire clients and staff partners Richard Worries and Shelene Shaer co-owners of Tanaz, are ahead of the game ensuring Tanaz is developing and moving with technology. “While hairdressing is a very ‘hands-on’ profession, retrieving info and being available to consumers on various technological mediums indicates that we are thinking ahead and taking our clients interests into consideration.” Says Shaer

Shaer maintains that having an app is a must; it allows the business to engage with customers, build brand loyalty and be at the forefront of the technology. “We like to make things happen and keep our offering dynamic… by having an app we can, it’s a great brand extension. We stand a greater chance of speaking to clients that may never otherwise, know about us.”

Tanaz as a brand wants to be able to interact with existing clients more and provide customers with a one-on-one intimate experience. The key characteristic of the phone craze means that people can search, buy, browse or share, at anytime of the day or night, with an app you know that you can always be available to them. The app is an extension of the business providing relevant services and information with more and more people wanting to use online platforms to do business, book appointments or interact with the brand. “It’s like having a business card on your phone” says Shaer

Knowing how quickly technology moves Shaer is aware that it’s a work in progress “I think it is important to keep updating and relooking our offering,

We strategically evaluate how our customers connect with us and how we can improve that connection; it provides us with an additional point of contact with the outside world.“

Shaer believes that this will be instrumental in redefining their target market, she enjoys being at the forefront of innovation “it’s rewarding on many levels a great way to advertise the brand while being useful to existing and potential clients. We want to encourage dialogue with our clients and empower consumers to participate in that dialogue, for example getting clients to vote on and rate things, comment and tweet allows us to reach many more customers while having a forum to express their likes, dislikes and overall experience.”

‘Ultimately its about making life easier for clients, reaching more people and ensuring that we’re making strides into the future,’ Says Shaer

The app is linked to the Tanaz website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. For further information contact Tanaz Hair Body and Nails 011 786 2976; email: shelene@tanaz.net

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