Fancy watching a movie outdoors?

by / No Comments / October 16, 2014

The beauty of summer is the scope of outdoor experiences one can indulge in. Watching movies outdoors is the latest fad to hit the Joburg inner city.

Don’t be shocked if, while driving around Johannesburg or Braamfontein, you come across a group of people perched on bean bags on the pavement or you spot them on a rooftop, watching something on a big screen.

Yolandi Michaels, owner of Living Masks, a boutique experiential events agency, aims to showcase local films in unconventional spaces through a project named Outdoor Cinema. This initiative has so far hosted two successful film screenings that were a hit with film and inner-city enthusiasts.

“Outdoor Cinema aims to create memorable cinematic experiences in interesting venues across the country in the company of amazing people. We’re working on showcasing something in Cape Town and Durban later this year,” says Michaels.

For this Thursday’s screening, Yolandi has chosen the new Braamfontein rooftop bar Bullion to host the premiere of Future Sound of Mzansi, a local documentary produced by futuristic musician Spoek Mathambo and award-winning director Lebogang Rasethaba. “Bullion isn’t technically outdoors, but its location and beautiful city views makes it the perfect place to host one of our screenings,” she explains.

Future Sound of Mzansi explores South Africa’s electronic music scene, featuring an exciting range of emerging electronic music artists including Aero Manyelo, Black Coffee, Christian Tiger School, Felix Laband, Okmalumkoolkat, DJ Spoko, Zaki Ibrahim and many others.

“We travelled around South Africa to explore our rich electronic music scene. For years there’s been a strong movement of producers, instrumentalists, vocalists and most importantly, party goers, giving themselves to new ideas of African electronic music,” the directing duo said.

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