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First Social Media Shopping App

Net-A-Porter is undeniably far ahead of the game. Just a few weeks after revealing its merger with Yoox.com, it’s now created its own social media shopping app. This is possibly something that the world of online fashion never saw coming….

No Comments / May 15, 2015


Does the latest WhatsApp feature infringe on our privacy?

WhatsApp has introduced a handy new notification, but what does the new double blue tick mean? We probably can’t remember what life was like before WhatsApp came into the picture and made instant messaging a walk in the park. But…

No Comments / November 7, 2014


Facebook’s bootcamp for small businesses

Facebook is embarking on a bootcamp-style series of workshops targeted at educating small business owners about the advantages of social media advertising. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg believes the company can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses through pay per click advertising…

No Comments / September 18, 2014


SOCIAL MEDIA and STUDENTS: Professional profile management crucial

Social media has for several years now not only been a platform for personal social interactions.  The online space has become a valuable and integral part of learning, and an important tool in any job-seeker’s arsenal, an education expert says….

No Comments / July 1, 2014

Google him before the date

Potential date? Google him first

Never mind prospective employers using Facebook to check for misdemeanours, prospective love interests may also be carrying out their own background checks before you’ve even met. A study by Pew Research Centre in Washington has found 30 percent of people…

No Comments / June 3, 2014

password tricks

Two stupid password tricks

This isn’t a post telling you that you should use a different password for every site, that you should use multifactor authentication for your email, or that you should use a password manager to store strong passwords. You should do…

No Comments / May 29, 2014

graduates finding jobs online

New online resource helps graduates land – and keep – their first jobs

A free new online resource is set to change the landscape for post-qualification jobseekers. The World of Work, created by The Independent Institute of Education, has been designed specifically to help South Africa’s graduates bridge the gap between studies and…

No Comments / May 26, 2014


How does Facebook know what we like?

We all know by now that Facebook isn’t cool. And yet somehow it’s more popular than ever. Recently the company announced that its growth continues to surge – not only in terms of the sheer number of Facebook users, but…

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Chatwing: Pimp Your Chatbox Easily

Appearances dictate success in the online world. An unappealing thing will never catch the attention of people, thus lessening sales output. This is one of the major concepts of the Chatwing chat box—appearance. By using this chat widget, you’ll figure…

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woman and the web

Women on the web: how females are making the most of the internet in the 21st century

As the power of the internet continues to connect us through our laptops, smart phones and tablets, women around the world are making the most of the World Wide Web to make their busy lives easier, from business to pleasure….

No Comments / May 8, 2014