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Tim Noakes - The Real Meal Revolution.

The truth about eating fats

Are butter and other saturated fats bad for us or not? We chat to Professor Tim Noakes to get to the bottom of this dilemma. There are many fears and misconceptions about eating healthy fats. Many recent scientific studies have…

No Comments / May 26, 2014

woman eating a meal

Why big meals are better than snacking

Struggling to lose that spare tyre around your waist? Tuck in, say scientists. A big breakfast and a large lunch is better at controlling weight and blood sugar levels than six small meals a day, researchers claim. A study found that…

No Comments / May 22, 2014

posture for cyclists

Tips on posture for cyclists

Dave Giloi, Director of Body Excel Gym gives some tips for cyclists on their posture. Cycling is a low impact sport, which generally carries with it low risk of injury. This, being the case, cyclists have pushed the durations and…

No Comments / May 20, 2014

Genetically modified food

What’s Really in Your Food? The Surprising and Scary Answers, Right This Way

From chemicals to hormones, we take a look at what you’re actually eating. Once upon a time, grocery shopping was simple. Nowadays? Not so much. Beyond navigating nutritional facts and avoiding this season’s most popular food-related allergen, you also have…

No Comments / May 14, 2014

5-a-side football

Out of the gym, onto the pitch

Winter is coming and that means cold, rain, wind and a general desire to stay curled up in bed, accompanied by a movie marathon and lots of comfort food. If that rings a bell and you’re in need of fitness…

No Comments / May 8, 2014

positive thinking

Affirmations and Positive Thinking

When you’re working towards having your mind focused on a specific goal, regular affirmations and positive thinking keep you motivated. Read more articles like this on www.my-coach-online.com How do you incorporate these into your life affirmations to create positive thinking and keep…

No Comments / May 5, 2014

Rooibos Tea

Is green rooibos better than red?

Green rooibos tea has higher levels of antioxidants than traditional rooibos, but recent studies have found that drinking green rooibos is not necessarily better for you. Green rooibos tea has higher levels of antioxidants than traditional rooibos, but recent studies are proving…

No Comments / April 29, 2014

Fitness Programme

How to choose a fitness programme

If you’re exercising with a particular goal in mind, you need to follow a programme that’s designed to progress you towards that goal in the safest and most effective manner possible. So how do you know if your fitness programme…

No Comments / April 24, 2014

walking keeps you young

Staying active all day linked to healthy ageing

A study conducted in Sweden shows that a generally active life is tied to better heart health. A generally active life, even without regular exercise sessions, is tied to better heart health and greater longevity in a study of older Swedes. Based on nearly…

No Comments / April 23, 2014

charity sporting events

Charity sporting events a way to get fit

Fitness experts say raising money for a good cause is another incentive for people to get in shape. Along with the usual reasons for losing weight, like fitting into a bikini and improving health, fitness experts say raising money for…

No Comments / April 22, 2014