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obesity in south africa

Bad eating habits making South Africans obese

A report published in medical journal The Lancet, indicating that South Africa has the highest percentage of people who are obese in sub-Saharan Africa, is concerning because obesity is one of the main risk factors for heart disease, certain forms…

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get fit on a budget

How to get fit on a budget

Getting in shape doesn’t have to take a heavy toll on your bank balance. Here are 5 ways to get fit on a budget. It’s time to throw the “I can’t afford to exercise” excuse out the window. Here are…

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christmas lunch - weighless

Be prepared for the Festive Season

December is here, bringing with it holidays, precious moments to spend with our families and delicious meals. If you have remained focused on your Goal Weight during the course of the year, don’t let the traditional, Christmas temptations thwart a…

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eating breakfast

Eating breakfast lowers diabetes risk

A new study indicates that kids who eat breakfast daily have lower risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Nine and 10-year-olds who eat breakfast daily, particularly a high-fibre cereal, have lower fasting blood sugar and insulin levels and fewer other…

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mcnabs supercharged

Introducing SuperCharge Liquid Energy

So you loved our SuperCharge tablets and Hi Energy Bars? We’re delighted to introduce our newest addition to the SuperCharge family, our Liquid Energy sachets. McNab’s SuperCharge Liquid Energy With silly season well on its way, our liquid energy sachets…

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coffee while studying

Too much caffeine when cramming for finals poses health risks to students

Exam season is upon us and soon hundreds of thousands of students across the country will be pulling caffeine-fuelled all-nighters in an attempt to cram a year’s worth of information into their heads, but a pharmaceutical company warns of caffeine-induced…

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healthy packed lunches

Pack a healthy lunch for school and office

Ensure that busy office and school day challenges are met with the energy and enthusiasm aided and sustained by a nutritious lunch. It’s easy, in the limited time available in between work commitments and school activities, to be tempted to…

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workout 5

Five ways to achieve a booty-licious bikini butt

With summer on its way we take a look at four easy exercises to help you get a pert derriere in time for wearing your bikini to the beach! According to Sid Cameron, a personal trainer at Virgin Active your…

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portion control

Why size matters – control your weight with portion control

In 2004, a study of 329 overweight people revealed that 38 percent of those who practiced portion control lost 5 percent or more of their body weight, compared to 33 percent of participants who did not. Weigh-Less provides a comprehensive…

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Pre-Diabetes can affect weight loss

It is estimated that five million South Africans are pre-diabetic, a condition characterised by insulin resistance, glucose intolerance and abnormal blood sugar control. Not only is this pre-diabetic state a health risk in terms of developing Type 2 diabetes, but it…

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