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Black Seed Oil: A Revitalising Hair Elixir

by / No Comments / May 2, 2017

Some of the best hair beauty benefits one can find, come from nature itself. Top of the list is Black Seed Oil: a treasured oil that has been rewarding its enthusiastic supporters with great looking hair and skin for decades.

Black Seed Oil is made from the pressed seeds of the Nigella Sativa, a flowering plant known to thrive in the severely dry conditions of the Mediterranean region by utilising its moisture retention properties which have benefits for hair too. Highly rich in essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, and packed with multiple antixoxidants and vitamins, it fortifies and hydrates hair.

Tapping into the revitalising power of Black Seed Oil, Kardashian Beauty Hair, one of the most celebrated haircare ranges on the market, contains this vital ingredient in every product.

“Those of us who love brushing, blowing, curling and straightening our locks need haircare products that will leave our tresses looking healthy, strong and lustrous. Black Seed Oil definitely ticks these boxes and many more. For this reason, every Kardashian Beauty Hair product is infused with this natural oil, from our shampoos and styling creams to even our paddle brushes and flat irons,” says Inge Peacock, Managing Director of Glamit, distributors of the Kardashian Beauty Hair range in Southern Africa.

She continues: “Another unique attribute of Black Seed Oil is that it assists in curbing hair loss and giving thinning hair more bounce, which can be accredited to its thymoquinone compound that has antioxidant properties. Added to this, it strengthens hair follicles, working deep into. The result is healthy-looking, vibrant hair.”

“By regularly using the products in the Kardashian Beauty Hair range, great hair results are practically guaranteed,” concludes Peacock.

Top tip: You can use Black Seed Oil on your skin too. The use of black seed oil to beautify and improve skin is well established; in fact, the famed beauty of Cleopatra is believed to be in part due to her use of black seeds. You’re welcome.

The Kardashian Beauty Hair range is available in select Foschini stores nationwide, as well as online on www.glamit.co.za .

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