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Beautiful News brings reel change by shining the spotlight on Sunshine Cinema

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Buhle Sithela (23) of Harare, Khayelitsha in the Cape, was recently featured on Beautiful News for his vision of bringing screen films and documentaries to his community.

His video has clocked over 340,000 views since its release on 16 March 2017 on Beautiful News and as a result he is recognised by the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy for his entrepreneurial spirit and motivation to screen movies in ‘eKasi’ using solar power. Click to view Buhle Sithela Beautiful news vision

Sunshine Cinema

Prior to starting his socially-conscious enterprise, while completing his studies at the Cape Peninsula University he founded Khayelitsha Bin Clean Project as part of an assignment. He used the income-earned through the bin clean-up initiative to fund his tuition. When the money ran out he had no option but to forego furthering his education. Instead of becoming complacent, he applied for an internship with Sunshine Cinema to host film screening events.

It was here that he developed a passion for film-making and cinema and this inspired him to bring motion picture to Khayelitsha. This also gave Sunshine Cinema, with whom he was working, the opportunity to develop a solar panel powered screening device that could be used to project film through a lightbox.

As a young person who was denied a conventional education, Sithela understands the need for South Africans to get creative about building their futures. He says his motivation is to educate through entertainment and he believes that cinema provides a world of learning resources. Sunshine Cinema is onto this idea, and continues to equip people like Sithela to touch their communities through the medium.

Sithela says, “I’ve always wanted to screen films and thought it would be a good thing to do in my community especially since there were no cinemas in Khayelitsha. Cinema can educate by sharing content that celebrates local heroes in the communities most affected by their stories.”

Beautiful News’ founder, photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn comments, “Digital platforms and multimedia content have liberated our ability to communicate and for people to access and share their stories. Beautiful News is reflecting the actions and endeavours of ordinary citizens allowing the public to access and reflect on the goodness of the communities and the people around us in our country. Due to Mercedes-Benz South Africa’s commitment to continually showcase the best that South Africa has to offer, we have been able to make this project a reality and share the greater good of the South African people with the public.”

In the future, Beautiful News will continue releasing one short film per day at 4.14pm, unearthing stories across the country and capturing the diverse set of voices and uniqueness of South Africa.

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